Andrea Campbell, PhD, LPCC


Below is my endorsement of your workshop. Use it however you wish. I would also be happy to converse with interested individuals about it.  

Intuition and Dream Workshop: 

An exercise in self-validation, leading to a better understanding of one's own behavior. Andrea creates a warm group atmosphere and then provides techniques that help us move into a greater sense of how we make certain choices. The endall effect of the workshop is a feeling of joy about one's life and also a feeling of great calm and peace overall. The setting at the Gaia Resort in Bali is ideal for this kind of inner work. Food, company, location, ambience, leader - all meshed into one ideal "dream" package. The initial "intuition" part is: the decision to go there.

With loving thoughts,


No trouble getting back, not even any jet lag to speak of! I was back at work with no trouble and refreshed. what a wonderful experience! so glad you are on a new island, and with snorkeling! thanks about the certificate. I told ellen and others at lunch yesterday some about our trip and will say hello to her at a meeting now. I'll love it if you'll tell me things about your trip from time to time Much love, xox

Laurel Carraher MA LPCC


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