The Practice of Andrea Campbell.


She has been calledShe has been called

Trained in deep imagery Jungian and art therapy and holding certificates in Imago Relationship therapist and Rubenfeld Synergy, Andrea Campbell has nearly 30 years of professional counseling experience. In addition to maintaining a thriving private practice she has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and hospitals. She has served as president of the New Jersey Counselors Association and  Association for Spiritual Ethical Religious Values in Counseling, NJ.She recognizes the Spiritual dimensions of the individual as an integral part of health and healing.
A poet and a potter, Andrea is devoted to her personal and spiritual growth. Andrea has been an Insight Meditation practitioner since 1984. She has been called a mentor, a doorway and a transformational therapist. As a doorway or portal she offers  you the opportunity to take a unique and sacred journey in safety and comfort to the deepest parts of yourself.  Thereby, discovering creative freedom. 

 She has been interviewed on television and radio.

Her personal story and professional comments appear in the best selling book:

"Motherless Daughters," by Hope Edelman, 

Serving the military internationaly as a Military and Family Life Counselor for Adults and Children

Served as a delegate to UNESCO Global Leadership Forum, chaired by Dr. Adel Safty, Andrea has made numerous presentations on leadership to internationl participants.

To learn To learn more, call Andrea Campbell, PhD, LPCC at 505.983.3331.

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