Dreams and Intuition

(20 CEUs for LPCCs, Social Workers)

Open intuitive parts of your brain
Learn how intuition works in your daily life
Identify blocks to intuitive power
Access dream information
Develop capacities for wise problem solutions
Generate creative ideas with fluidity
Lead this course around the world, including Bali

"A bird does not sign because it has an answer.
It sings because t has a song."
Chinese proverb


Motherless Daughters - Unmothered Women

Motherless Daughters - Unmothered Women

Ongoing 10 Week Group

"Feelings of grief and loss" often haunt women who lost their mothers to death, mental or physical illness, abandonment, neglect, emotional unavailability and addiction. Those feelings influence current relationships.In this 10 week group we will learn the shared characteristics of motherless daughters. Discover how they unconsciously play out in current circumstances. We'll share our stories and common bond. Most importantly we will begin to develop a sense of completion with the past and become empowered by our mother loss.

Andrea Campbell, PhD brings diversified experience as a workshop leader. She is a MOTHERLESS DAUGHTER who's personal story and professional comments appear in the best selling book, "MOTHERLESS DAUGHTERS," by Hope Edelman.

Andrea is deeply committed to the healing journey as a path to a full satisfying life.


Below is my endorsement of your workshop. Use it however you wish. I would also be happy to converse with interested individuals about it.  

Intuition and Dream Workshop: 

An exercise in self-validation, leading to a better understanding of one's own behavior. Andrea creates a warm group atmosphere and then provides techniques that help us move into a greater sense of how we make certain choices. The endall effect of the workshop is a feeling of joy about one's life and also a feeling of great calm and peace overall. The setting at the Gaia Resort in Bali is ideal for this kind of inner work. Food, company, location, ambience, leader - all meshed into one ideal "dream" package. The initial "intuition" part is: the decision to go there.

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What a wonderful experience! 

Laurel Carraher MA LPCC

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Andrea Campbell
Santa Fe, NM